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Exploring Maker Materials


Ready to Explore?

In this asynchronous course, Brilliant Labs invites you to explore some of the materials students use when conceptualizing their ideas with making. Before you begin, you will receive a miniature maker space in a box. Using this kit, you will walk through modules that were designed to understand the pedagogical influence of maker learning in K-12 classrooms.

The self-guided modules will give you enough time to focus in one area or to skim over multiple areas, including: design thinking, b.Board, micro:bits, and aligning making with your curriculum. Participants will be able to reflect on their process and produce a plan for their next maker project.


There is no prerequisite knowledge for this course. This makes sense as we strongly believe everyone to be a maker. There are however some materials that you may find helpful as you dive into this course:
Access to a printer with standard letter paper
Straight Edge
Computer with USB port
Internet Access
Willingness to share your ideas with others


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Jacob Lingley

Jacob is the Director of Instructional Design at Brilliant Labs. A mathematics teacher by trade, Jacob has spent the last 6 years helping students and teachers understand their own maker identity and how that can have a monumental influence on their learning. A recent graduate with his Master's of Education where he wrote his thesis entitled Mathematics, Making and Materialism. Feel free to contact Jacob at

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Natacha Vautour

Natacha is the Program Director at Brilliant Labs. She is a life long learner on very diverse subjects and loves making to explore a multitude of materials. A pedagogical leader, Natacha has spent the last 3 years helping students and teachers develop maker projects based in their interests. Feel free to contact Natacha at